T’s Talk of the Music Realm: Bi/Rain

Hey my obsessors!

This weeks eye and ear candy is none other than Rain!!



So for those who haven’t seen the music video for “30 Sexy” here you go.

The drought is over and Rain has finally come back to us! As the song is named, Rain has come back back to us in his 30s! But he is still sexy as ever! And is it just me but when he sings “30” it sounds like “dirty”… was that on purpose? hehe “Dirty Sexy” “30 Sexy”… hey they both work for me! In this music video Rain has come back with a new style and dance moves, but I got to say his dance moves  in this music video is very odd… alluring but odd. My only complaint would be at the end when he starts speaking in English… my only request… please stop.

It makes me think how the movie he’s co-starring in with Bruce Willis “The Prince” is going to be.

The next music video he put out was “LA Song.”

OH LA LA!!! I sure do like “LA Song” much more than “30 Sexy. ” In this music video we see a very talented, worldly and accepting part of Rain. They’re shooting the video in a place that does not look like it’s in Korea but in South America. Even the style of the song would suggest that. Obviously the main back up dancers can be suspected to be Korean, but he has different nationalities in this music video showing off their talents! And all types of dances from the past decade. This music video is fun, goofy, controversial in it’s own way but it’s still Rain. His comeback will make the other artists run for their money.

I can’t wait to see his performances!!!

Oh and is it just me or is he wearing a similar suit in “LA Song” as his back up dancers in “30 Sexy”?

Tell us what you think!

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