QT Epik Vlog So High In NYC Part 4: The Epilogue

Soooo Q here with a super short blog and update and a long, overdue video. I’m was overseas, so our blog was on a semi-hiatus, but I’m back now and ready to get back in the game!

Well, here’s that long overdue video (actually I have many that are in line to be edited -_- sorry): Epik Vlog so High The Epilogue.



EPIK Vlog so High Part 1- QT in Car Edition

QT and T^2 are going to the EPIK High Encore show!!! What better way to celebrate going than to vlog everything–and I mean EVERYTHING. Our drive there was anything but boring. You can never go wrong with k-pop in the car. And some bird has some bloody diarrhea?


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