QT Try to Dance (QTD): GOT7’s “Just Right”

Who knew we were both super uncoordinated?

2 girls who are not dancers + 2 girls who can’t really follow directions = disaster…or best video ever! Lol JK. Anyways, we had a blast trying to learn GOT7’s “Just Right”.

QT GT: The Karaoke Challenge!

We had sooo much fun doing this challenge. We love to karaoke, but karaoke is butt expensive. To compensate for it, we made our own karaoke room…in my living room. But, hey, just plain ol’ karaoking is boring. If Running Man has ever taught us anything, challenges and punishments are needed whenever you’re karaoking. On top of that, well, we’re super competitive and we had a pretty harsh punishment.

**Warning: We are NOT singers by any means. Just warning telling you guys now.**

So without further ado, enjoy our karaoke session (which may have turned into a semi-wrestling match).



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QT’s GT: K-Pop Fantasy Idol Group

We’re back with another game! So if you’ve every played fantasy sports, we kind of picked up this idea from it.

Basically, we picked a bunch of groups and two solo artists and we individually chose who we wanted to join our “company”. From there we formed groups, made group names and first single song titles, and we even went as far as to make group greetings. We even had a referee to pick a winner. We had a rubric and everything. This was a pretty serious competition.

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QT GT: The Egg Game Edition

Who here absolutely loves Lee Gwang-Soo in “Running Man”?  The guy who is blessed by the variety gods.  And do you guys remember that one episode where they play the egg game?  On that day, Gwang-Soo was blessed, and not in the way you guys are thinking.

If you haven’t watched the episode, I would highly suggest that you do.

So to celebrate Gwang-Soo’s awesomeness, QT and friends have decided to pay tribute to him by having our own egg game.  I now present to you QT’s Game Time: The Egg Edition!

Let us know what you guys think or if you have any suggestions in the comments below!

Thanks for watching,

Q & T