QT K-pop MV Spoofary #1 ft. Beast, BoA, BTS, and More!

Excuse me, who are you. I’m good, nice to meet you. I’m into you, I need U, you’re ma first love. I can’t kontrol myself let’s go on a sex trip.

Where we spoof/parody important/random parts of a music video. Enjoy!


This week’s edition includes music videos from:

Jay Park “Sex Trip”
Hyosung “Into You”
Bestie “Excuse Me”
Hyunseung “Ma First”
BoA “Who are you”
Elsie aka Eunjung “I’m Good”
BTS “I need U”
Kim Sung Kyu “Kontrol”

Comment on what was you’re favorite part of the music video (ours or theirs)!

Mung~ Reactions: EXO Teasers

T and our friend, T, aren’t as big of EXO fans as Q is, so we decided that they would react to the 10 EXO teasers leading up to EXO’s new and super awesome song, “Call me Baby”. Just so everyone knows, they’re going into this with little to no knowledge about EXO.


Read on to watch their post EXO teaser after thought commentary Read More